Businesses are built and and operated by and through decisions.Successful businesses rely on the ability of the organization to make the right.To make decisions that that further an organization’s goals, the organization making them must must have  access access to as much information as is feasible and possible. Most decision makers rarely have the luxury of time and that is where August steps in.

Our strategy is to achieve the most favorable results for our clients, using and implementing our experience and expertise, by guiding their decision making process .Many studies show that lessons learned from past experiences help you make make better decisions.This precisely why your clients know they can trust our guidance. Our history as hoteliers, coupled with a vast array of instruments and and tools we use to scrutinize various aspects of a project, allow us to advise our clients in making more feasible and effective decisions.


When engaged, we go through a step by step process that makes sure we develop and implement solutions that are both feasible and functional. Our work does not stop there, we continuously monitor our subsequent results and their reception to continuously find areas where improvement and optimization can be harnessed.


At August, we rely on a well construed set of principles that lay down the foundation from which our client's can excel. Our competencies are processed to provide outcomes that help you exceed to the top echelons of success.

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