When guests travel, they are embarking on a journey that they expect to change their lives. even seasoned travelers on business trips are looking for new and unique experiences. You have only one chance to convince them you are the right choice. We work with you and your team to make sure you are ready to offer them what they expect. Both major and subtle changes can go along way in satisfying your guests. These are changes we will need to make. you may need to make them. We go beyond only making sure you make the right changes, we help you plan and execute them and then gauge their effectiveness in the long run we want you to succeed.


The August Hospitality and I welcome you with open arms and want to thank you for setting aside the time to go through this website. With and ever expanding and evolving global hospitality ecosystem, to stay ahead of the curve we need to plan for change, adopt new technologies and advance the industry from within. The maintaining and perfecting of our core services, practices and values must be sustained concurrently. Ultimately, we want to translate our efforts into the acquisition and retention of guests, amelioration of feasibilities and to insure the persistence of our clients and guest at the cutting edge of innovation. August helps our clients achieve these goals through the employment of industry related mechanism of analysis and evaluation and subsequent development of resolutions or adjustments. We also apply our insight acquired throughout our years of experience, but above all, we listen to and acknowledge the feedback of our clients and guests.


Our organization, is in essence, the grouping together of arguably the foremost professionals in the hospitality field. Each one of our members enjoys mastery of their respective skillset. When working together we are able to provide our clients with a truly unprecedented and unrivaled provision of hospitality consolatory services. By offering optimized solutions that are effective and that are provided by a team of trustworthy and seasoned hoteliers, we are able to garner success both for our company as well as for our clients. We hope this website provides insight into the services we provide and more importantly those that can be of service to you.


Yours truly,



Noel Masoud



In the hospitality field guest's perceived value is evaluated by our competency in service delivery as well as the value of the good and services in question. There are specific criterion for the various goods and services we offer our guests and the manner in which they are offered. We work with you to make sure you are meeting and exceeding guest expectations.

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